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exploratory projects

Landscape, tourism and local development

the impacts of walkways, viewpoints and swings in the interior of Portugal

Passadiços do Mondego, 20 de fevereiro, 2023.
Passadiços do Mondego, 20 de fevereiro, 2023.


In recent years, we have seen the establishment of walkways/ boardwalks, viewpoints and swings throughout the Portuguese territory, with the aim of increasing the touristic attractiveness of their locations and respective municipalities. The local impacts, as well as the profile of this equipment’s users remain unexplored in academic literature.

This exploratory project aims to fill this gap in knowledge, by studying the repercussions of these constructions in socio-economic, environmental, touristic, cultural and landscape terms at a local level, as well as the socio-demographic profile of visitors.

Five case studies are considered, two in the North of continental Portugal, one in the Center and two in Alentejo, selected based on a variety of criteria, including notoriety, volume of public/private investment, size, number of visitors, location in rural areas and equipment life cycle.

This project contributes to Thematic Line TL2.

Research Team

Principal Investigator

António Azevedo


Luís Ferreira


Rute Matos


Francisco Freire


Luís Silva


Aurora Carapinha


Project development

MAIN UPPER IMAGE  Mondego Walkways, February 20th, 2023
© Francisco Freire