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Rita Hasse Ferreira


Attribution of the Statute of Associate Laboratory approved by FCT


Casaco de manta de lã tradicional (“manta de Papa”).

EXPLORATORY PROJECT ‘Things from Poretugal’ | Traditional wool blanket coat (“Pope blanket”). © Filomena Silvano

Experimentação sensorial em grupo e movimento na paisagem urbana, Festival Pedras, 2017, pelo coletivo artístico Centro em Movimento, Mouraria, Lisboa.

THEMATIC LINE 2 Being with the body in space, sensory group experimentation and movement in the urban landscape. ‘Pedras Festival’, by the artistic collective c.e.m (Centro em Movimento), Mouraria, Lisbon, 2017. © Ana Moya

INFRASTRUCTURES Guimarães Design Institute, University of Minho. © Lab2PT

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