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Anthropology undergraduates in IN2PAST's 'Walkways, swings and viewpoints'


Under IN2PAST’s ‘Walkways, Swings, and Viewpoints’ research project, students from the Anthropology undergraduate program at NOVA FCSH conducted fieldwork alongside CRIA – NOVA FCSH researchers Francisco Freire and Luís Silva. This exploratory project aims to assess the impact of boardwalks, swings, and lookouts from the perspectives of tourism, destination branding, and the economic value of aesthetic and recreational services within cultural landscape ecosystems (Lab2PT).

It also includes an anthropological and social perspective from local populations (CRIA), as well as an aesthetic and landscape alteration perspective (CHAIA). In addition to the interdisciplinary nature of the research questions, this IN2PAST project seeks to expand its geographical coverage by analyzing case studies located in diverse areas of mainland Portugal. This is made possible by the research units’ locations at NOVA University of Lisbon, University of Minho, and Évora University.

Published here.

Mondego Walkways, February 20th, 2023 © Francisco Freire