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IN2PAST currently has around 340 integrated PhD researchers. 2/3 of these are University professors and 1/3 are contracted researchers.

IN2PAST also brings together more than 300 PhD students and has a dedicated science and communication management team (see Contacts).

The science and communication managers work closely with IN2PAST’s researchers and governing bodies, as well as the science and communcation managers of each of its seven research units.

IN2PAST RESEARCHERS, by Research Unit:

IMAGES FOR R&D UNITS Memorial in Peniche Fortress naming 2510 opponents of the fascist regime imprisoned here between 1934 and 1974 © Diana Barbosa (IHC) | Joanina Library, University of Coimbra © Nuno Antunes (IHA) | Feast of our Lady of the Navigators, Culatra island, Algarve © Cláudia Almeida (CRIA) | Edward Bond’s ‘The Crime of the Twenty-First Century’, CENDREV, 2005 (staging by L. Varela) © Paulo Nuno Silva (CHAIA)