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IN2PAST webinar

Landscape, tourism and local development: results presentation

The Impacts of walkways, Viewpoints, and Swings in the Interior of Portugal



03:00 pm

Who uses the walkways, viewpoints and swings that have been installed throughout the Portuguese territory? And what local repercussions do these facilities have in socioeconomic, environmental, touristic, cultural and landscape terms?

The results of our exploratory project ‘Landscape, tourism and local development: the impacts of walkways, viewpoints and swings in the Interior of Portugal’, which considers case studies in different areas of mainland Portugal, will be presented by researchers António Azevedo (principal investigator), from Lab2PT – Laboratory of Landscapes, Heritage and Territory, Luís Silva and Francisco Freire, from CRIA – Centre for Research in Anthropology, and Rute Sousa Matos, from CHAIA – Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística da Universidade de Évora (Centre for Art History and Artistic Research).


António Azevedo (Lab2PT – University of Minho)
Luís Silva (CRIA – NOVA FCSH)
Francisco Freire (CRIA – NOVA FCSH)
Rute Matos (CHAIA – University of Évora)