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Music and the idea of heritage

'what future can we give to the past (and the present)?'

IN2PAST at Festival imaterial


A packed room for Paulo Ferreira de Castro‘s lecture on ‘music and the idea of heritage’, held yesterday, May 19th, in Évora, as part of Festival Imaterial, the ‘IN2PAST PhD Talks’ Series and our In2Future Boot Camp doctoral school, which takes place in Évora until the 24th, in partnership with Évora 27 – European Capital of Culture.

The preconceptions, and prejudices, on which our ideas about musical heritage are based, the battle worth waging for (cultural) memory if we want an open, inclusive and plural society, the future that we can give to the past (and the present), and the need for greater debate on these issues between researchers, musicians and society were some of the aspects that permeated the speech by the CESEM – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST researcher.

The lecture was introduced  and discussed by Ana Telles Béreau, CESEM – University of Évora / IN2PAST researcher, who asked Paulo if classical music is going extinct, and if we are doing a good job in terms of musical education, and of safeguarding musical heritage, thus launching the debate with the audience present at Teatro Garcia de Resende.

IN2PAST co-organises two other talks @ Imaterial, on May 22nd and 24th. The Festival takes place in Évora from May 17th until the 25th. Check out the full programme of Talks @ Festival Imaterial.

© Festival Imaterial | Joana César

© Festival Imaterial | Joana César