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in Évora, Lisbon and Minho

‘IN2PAST PhD Talks’

taking place between November 2023 and June 2024


november 2023 - june 2024

Typically in the evening

different locations


Open sessions, with online access, via Zoom. Sessions may be recorded.


The ‘IN2PAST PhD Talks’ series takes place between November 2023 and June 2024, in Évora, Lisbon and Minho. The goal is to promote the intersection between diverse scientific areas, which defines the transdisciplinary vocation of our associated laboratory, from chemistry and music to art history and architecture, from anthropology to contemporary history or archaeology.

The talks also encourage the dialogue between scientific practices of knowledge of the past, and other cultural ways of using and understanding it, from heritage interventions to artistic creation, to the development of public memory policies.

The meetings will take place at the different IN2PAST locations, from the South to the North of Portugal. They are open to participation by our PhD students and researchers, but also by colleagues from other research centres and professionals from the cultural sector who work in archives, museums, monuments, archaeological sites or natural parks.

The first session happened on November 28, in Lisbon, with a presentation by António Candeias (HERCULES) on science, art and conservation, and discussion by Susana Varela Flor (IHA) and Paulo Simões Rodrigues (CHAIA).

Full program (in Portuguese)