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In Évora, from May 17th to 25th, 2024

IN2PAST organises three talks at Festival Imaterial

As part of the In2Future Boot Camp and in partnership with Évora 27


19, 22 & 24/05/2024

6 pm, 10 am & 6 pm


Teatro Garcia de Resende & Fundação Eugénio de Almeida


IN2PAST is partnering with Festival Imaterial 2024, which takes place in Évora from May 17th until the 25th. The Associate Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Heritage, Arts, Sustainability and Territory is co-organising three talks, on May 19th, 22nd and 24th, about the patrimonialisation of music, sustainable futures and the ecology of heritage practices.

The sessions are part of the programme for IN2PAST’s first Doctoral School, In2Future Boot Camp, which brings together more than 30 PhD students in Évora in the same week as the festival, with the partnership of Évora 27 – European Capital of Culture.

Check out the full programme of Talks @ Festival Imaterial.

On May 19th, at 6 pm, the Noble Hall (Salão Nobre) at Teatro Garcia de Resende will host the conference by CESEM – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST researcher Paulo Ferreira de Castro ‘Music and the idea of heritage’, which will be presented and commented on by Ana Telles Béreau (CESEM – University of Évora / IN2PAST). As part of the ‘IN2PAST PhD Talks’ series, this conference aims to encourage reflection on the theoretical, historical, social, anthropological and political complexity of the concept of heritage, as well as the multiple implications of the processes of patrimonialisation in the production, preservation, dissemination, (re-)signification and valorisation of different musical practices.

‘Bridging Heritage and Future: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Futures’ is the title of our second talk, with Paul Dujardin, former artistic director of Bozar (Brussels Palace of Fine Arts) and Commissioner General for Heritage Policy in the Brussels Capital Region, and António Candeias (HERCULES – University of Évora / IN2PAST), on the morning of May 22nd, at 10 am, in the Auditorium of Fundação Eugénio de Almeida (Art and Culture Centre). The goal is to create an inclusive dialogue between the speakers, the audience at Festival Imaterial, and the PhD students, illuminating the critical interconnections between contemporary philosophy, heritage conservation and the forward-thinking principles of the New European Bauhaus narrative, all while addressing the pressing challenges posed by the global ecological crisis.

In the evening of May 24th, we return to the Salão Nobre of the Garcia de Resende Theatre, at 6 pm, for the public presentation of the results of the boot camp, in a session entitled ‘Heritage Anarchives in Évora: Towards an Ecology of Practices’. With the participation of CRIA – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST researcher Pedro Antunes and HERCULES – University of Évora / IN2PAST researcher Anna Tsoupra, coordinators of our laboratory’s Working Group for Doctoral Training, this round table starts with short presentations by the boot camp participants about the work carried out during the week in Évora.