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‘IN2PAST PhD Talk’ in Évora, May 19th

Music and the idea of heritage

as part of festival imaterial

The problematics of music patrimonialization have not been given particular attention from a historical-conceptual point of view, even though the development of musicology is closely related to the definition of heritage and the assumption of music as an integral part of that heritage, often in correlation with the dissemination of identity or nationalist ideals, or with the construction of an idea of ‘tradition’. This is the starting point for CESEM – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST researcher Paulo Ferreira de Castro‘s conference in Évora, on May 19th.

Part of the ‘IN2PAST PhD Talks’ Series, which has been travelling the country since November 2023, of Festival Imaterial 2024‘s programme and of the In2Future Boot Camp activities, Paulo’s lecture will be introduced and discussed by Ana Telles Béreau, CESEM – University of Évora / IN2PAST researcher.

At a time when cultural issues tend to claim increasing prominence, the aim of this conference is to encourage reflection on the theoretical, historical, social, anthropological, and political complexity of the concept of heritage, as well as the many implications of the processes of patrimonialization in the production, preservation, dissemination, (re-)signification, and valorization of different musical practices.

IN2PAST co-organises two other talks @ Imaterial, on May 22nd and 24th. The Festival takes place in Évora from May 17th until the 25th. Check out the full programme of Talks @ Festival Imaterial.


Paulo Ferreira de Castro (CESEM – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST)


Ana Telles Béreau (CESEM – University of Évora / IN2PAST)




© Paulo Ferreira de Castro