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A talk with Paul Dujardin at Festival Imaterial

'Bridging Heritage and Future'

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Futures



10:00 am

Auditório da Fundação Eugénio de Almeida

Free admission

To illuminate the critical interconnections between contemporary philosophy, heritage conservation, and the forward-thinking principles of the New European Bauhaus narrative, while addressing the pressing challenges posed by the global ecological crisis, is the goal of this talk with Paul Dujardin, former artistic director of Bozar (Brussels Palace of Fine Arts) and Commissioner General for Heritage Policy in the Brussels Capital Region.

Organized by IN2PAST and Festival Imaterial, it takes place on May 22nd in Évora, at the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida Auditorium and will be hosted and discussed by António Candeias, HERCULES – University of Évora / IN2PAST researcher and president of the board of our associate laboratory.

This talk was designed to foster an inclusive, transdisciplinary dialogue between the two guest speakers, festival attendees and PhD students from seven research units taking part in the In2Future Boot Camp (IN2PAST Doctoral School), which lasts until May 24th, in Évora, in partnership with Évora 27 – European Capital of Culture.

IN2PAST co-organises two other talks @ Imaterial, on May 19th and the 24th. The Festival takes place in Évora from May 17th until the 25th. Check out the full programme of Talks @ Festival Imaterial.


Paul Dujardin (former artistic director of Bozar – Brussels Palace of Fine Arts and Commissioner General for Heritage Policy in the Brussels Capital Region)


António Candeias (HERCULES – University of Évora / IN2PAST)




© Saskia Vanderstichele

Themes and Discussions:

  • Ecology of Heritage Practices: We will explore how the conservation, restoration, and revitalization of heritage can contribute to a sustainable future, emphasizing interdisciplinary strategies that encompass arts, sciences, and technology.

  • Innovation for Sustainability: Discussions will revolve around innovative solutions that respect historical significance while addressing current ecological challenges, drawing inspiration from successful transformations within European cultural and heritage sites.

  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: The talk will highlight the importance of involving communities in heritage practices, fostering a sense of collective ownership and responsibility towards sustainability and ecological balance.

  • Crisis of Imagination: We will tackle the prevailing ‘imagination crisis’ by examining how arts, heritage, and creative endeavours can inspire a reimagined future that is ecologically balanced, socially inclusive, and aesthetically enriching.
  • Policy, Arts, and Technology Integration: Participants will engage in discussions on how policy can facilitate the integration of arts, heritage, and technology to foster innovation, with a special focus on the New European Bauhaus initiative’s role in shaping future heritage practices.

  • Global Experimentation for a Sustainable Future: The talk will encourage debate on how large-scale experimentation in heritage spaces can redefine our approach to current crises, promoting a digital, democratic, and carbon-neutral future.