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exploratory projects

Filling a double void

A critical and mnemonic review of Vila Nova de Santo André (1971-2021)

Bairro Azul, Vila Nova de Santo André, dezembro 1999.


This project aims to stimulate a critical and mnemonic review of the city of Vila Nova de Santo André through a set of multidisciplinary initiatives, crossing the history of the ideological matrix of architecture and urbanism with oral history, photography and anthropology.

Part of the Sines industrial project, devised by Marcelo Caetano’s government in the years leading up to ’25 de Abril’, it was largely carried out after the revolution, with construction suffering from constant setbacks and hesitations in terms of economic and political guidelines.

A unique case in Portugal of an urban project for a new city, fifty years after the beginning of Santo André’s construction we are faced with the absence of any academic research able to promote a critical view and discussion of this work.

This led us to think about the potential of the unfinished as a decisive argument for considering Santo André as the object of multidisciplinary academic research.

This project contributes to Thematic Lines TL2, TL4 and TL5

Research Team

Principal Investigator

Paulo Catrica


Giulia Strippoli


Pedro Bandeira


Lee Douglas


Marta Labastida


João Soares




Rui Mendes


Project Development

MAIN UPPER IMAGE Bairro Azul, Vila Nova de Santo André, December 1999 © Paulo Catrica