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Call for Funding

Exploratory Projects

2022/2022 – 1st EDITION

Call for funding



With the aim of strengthening the collaboration among researchers from its constituent research units, IN2PAST (Associate Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Heritage, Arts, Sustainability, and Territory) is establishing a funding support program for collective exploratory projects.

These projects are intended to formulate research hypotheses that lead to the preparation of future applications for competitive international and national funding.

Projects should align with one or more of the five Thematic Lines (TL). More information here (in Portuguese).

Research teams on each project must have a designated lead researcher (Principal Investigator), who must be a fully integrated researcher holding a PhD from one of IN2PASTS’s research units: HERCULES, CHAIA, IHC, CESEM, IHA, CRIA or Lab2PT.

Teams can have between 4 and 10 members, and they must necessarily include integrated PhD researchers from three of IN2PAST’s research units.

Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2022, via email, to

Financial support can reach a maximum value of €10,000 per project. This call is expected to support 4 to 6 projects.

Projects should be submitted with the

following information:

  • Title (max. 200 characters) and Abstract (max. 3,000 characters);

  • Literature review (max. 4,000 characters), Research Plan and Methodology (max. 6,000 characters), and Bibliographic References (max. 20 references);

  • Schedule (max. 1,000 characters, with projects starting in September 2023 and having a maximum duration of 12 months) and Budget (max. 1,000 characters, specifying the type of expenses to be incurred);

  • Justification of the project’s contribution to the IN2PAST’s line(s) it aligns with, and its role in forming interdisciplinary IN2PAST teams across different research units (max. 1,000 characters);

  • Plan for future funding applications (max. 1,000 characters, aiming to identify future funding sources for the project);

  • Identification of the Principal Investigator (full name and Ciência Vitae PDF) and the other researchers on the team (full names and Ciência Vitae PDFs).

The selection of proposals will be carried out by IN2PAST’s management.

The results of the call will be announced by October 30, 2022.

IN2PAST Call for Funding Exploratory Projects (in Portuguese)