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Election of the Governing Bodies
of IN2PAST Associate Laboratory


The members of IN2PAST’s Scientific Council are called upon to elect the following bodies:

President of the Board

President of the Scientific Council

Ethics Committee

Supervisory Board

PhD-integrated researchers from the research units that
are part of IN2PAST are eligible to vote in the elections.

There are polling stations in three regions of the country, between 2 pm and 5 pm, on July 13, 2022:

1. In Évora, at the Institute of Research and Advanced Training (IIFA), University of Évora, Palácio do Vimioso.

2. In Braga, at the Lab2PT Office, ICS Building, Gualtar Campus, University of Minho, and in Guimarães, at the Lab2PT Office, EAAD Building, Azurém Campus, University of Minho.

3. In Lisbon, at NOVA FCSH, Avenida de Berna, in the lobby of auditorium B2.

Candidates can apply for each of the positions until July 7, 2022. Applications must be sent to the email address

Applications must comply with the eligibility conditions defined in IN2PAST’s Regulation (below) and the program submitted by IN2PAST to FCT, during the call for the attribution of the Statute of Associate Laboratory, which establishes that the President of IN2PAST’s Board of Directors must necessarily be a researcher from the University of Évora.

The group responsible for organizing this electoral process is composed of: José Mirão (University of Évora), José Neves (NOVA FCSH), Jorge Correia (University of Minho), and Sónia Vespeira de Almeida (CRIA).