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'Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe'

new book is out, available in open access


Co-edited by our Nélia Dias with Rodney Harrison and Kristian Kristiansen, the book Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe is published by UCL Press and free to download in open access PDF format.

Throughout its 386 pages, ‘contributors draw on a range of disciplinary perspectives to consider, variously, the role of heritage and museums in the migration and climate ‘emergencies’; approaches to urban heritage conservation and practices of curating cities; digital and digitised heritage; the use of heritage as a therapeutic resource; and critical approaches to heritage and its management’, summarizes the publisher.

Rodney Harrison is Professor of Heritage Studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. Nélia Dias, Associate Professor at Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon, is a researcher at CRIA and president of IN2PAST’s Scientific Council. Kristian Kristiansen is Professor of Archaeology at University of Gothenburg, and affiliated professor at Copenhagen University. The three took part in project CHEurope – Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe.