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‘História do Mutualismo nas Ex-Colónias Portuguesas’ wins Cooperation and Solidarity Award 2023


‘História do Mutualismo nas Ex-Colónias Portuguesas’ (History of Mutualism in the Former Portuguese Colonies) is the book that that earned IHC/ IN2PAST researcher Joana Dias Pereira and CHAM researcher Rui Henriques the António Sérgio Cooperation and Solidarity Award 2023 (Prémio Cooperação e Solidariedade António Sérgio 2023) in the Studies and Research in ‘Lusophony’ category.

The award-winning work was the result of the collaborative project between IHC – Instituto de História Contemporânea and União das Mutualidades Portuguesas (UMP), coordinated by Joana Dias Pereira, and “seeks to identify the extent of the dissemination of the mutualist model in the territories of former Portuguese colonies, its capacity for institutional adaptation and resilience, without disregarding the ancient practices of informal reciprocity between local communities”, according to UMP, which published the book.

The work is also available in open access mode and is downloadable for free here.

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