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'Listening to archives, thinking history. '

Towards a Guide to Archival Practices in Performing Arts

3rd ARTHE Days host public session on March 28th in Évora

public session


10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Praça Joaquim António de Aguiar, 7000-510 Évora

free admittance

Between March 26th and 28th, project ARTHE researchers will be meeting in Évora, hosted by CENDREV and IHC, for the 3rd ARTHE Days (3ª Jornada ARTHE), marking World Theatre Day 2024, celebrated on March 27th, and reaching out to the public on the 28th, with an all-day open session devoted to ‘Producing a Guide to Archival Practices in Performing Arts’. The event takes place from 10 am until 5:30 pm, at the Garcia de Resende Theatre.

The guide will be one of the outcomes of project ARTHE – Archiving the Theatre and a first draft proposal will be shared and put up for discussion during the public session, with representatives from partner theatre companies, consultants, other project stakeholders and all invitees. Taking an archival-based model as a starting point, the team is mostly interested in adapting it to the situational circumstances and uses of existing and future archives.

The two previous days are dedicated to an internal residency programme focused on issues regarding oral history, and include a tour of HERCULES Laboratory, based in the University of Évora and IN2PAST’s leading research unit. Project members will share their ongoing work, including interviews, questionnaire analysis, thesis, and papers, inspired by the umbrella theme ‘Listening to archives, thinking history. From document to oral history and vice versa: internal reflection and public sharing’.

Project ARTHE – Archiving the Theatre main goal is to identify, map and study the state of theatre archives in Portugal, in order to establish a good practice plan involving a network of institutions. The project is funded by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (PTDC/ART-PER/1651/2021) and headed by CET researcher Maria João Brilhante.

Public session programme (in PT)