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CEAS Seminar

'Sacred Heritage': The Nation and Other Communities in Pakistan’s Sufi Shrines

With sociologist and LUMS professor Amen Jaffer



11:30 am - 01:30 pm

As part of a series of ongoing talks about heritage and religion in South Asia and its diasporas, the South Asia Studies Circle (Círculo de Estudos da Ásia do Sul – CEAS) at CRIA / IN2PAST organizes an online seminar with Amen Jaffer, sociologist and associate professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan, on April 23rd, at 11:30 am (Lisbon time).

Titled “‘Sacred Heritage’: The Nation and Other Communities in Pakistan’s Sufi Shrines”, the event is open to everyone.

The renovation and reconstruction of major Sufi shrines offer a revealing case study on the discursive intersection of Islam and heritage in Pakistan. Sufi saints and their shrines have played a central role in various articulations of an Islamic identity for the Pakistani nation. One such discourse (…) links Sufism to the nation’s cultural heritage. For the full synopsis, check out CRIA’s website.


Amen Jaffer, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan




Vera Lazzaretti (CRIA – Iscte / IN2PAST)