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Call for Funding

Exploratory Projects

2024/2025 – 3rd EDITION

Call for funding



IN2PAST is launching the 3rd Edition of its Call for Funding of Exploratory Projects, open from 10/04/2024 until 31/05/2024, with the following objectives:

  1. To contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in the fields of Cultural Heritage, Arts and Collective Memory, and their intersections with the themes of sustainability and territory;

  2. To envision and conduct IN2PAST research to produce critical advances in science and society, reformulating or developing new (i) hypotheses, problems, approaches or research methodologies; (ii) explanations/interpretations for known problems/phenomena; (iii) fundamental concepts for understanding disciplinary problems or social, intellectual or natural phenomena;

  3. To contribute to the creation of research agendas within IN2PAST’s Thematic Lines, based on specialized knowledge, at the intersection of different knowledge and disciplinary practices, fostering a more collaborative research practice and promoting its internationalization and funding;

  4. To strengthen the articulation and complementarity nature of the research developed within IN2PAST’s Thematic Lines with that of the Research Groups of the Research & Development (R&D) Units, in the aforementioned areas;

  5. To envision and lead IN2PAST to reinforce the use of scientific knowledge for the benefit of society, solving or mitigating problems identified and characterized together with its agents.

Each project must have a designated Principal Investigator (PI) and a Co-PI, who replaces the PI in case of his/ her unavailability. At least 4 team members must be fully integrated researchers holding a PhD from one of IN2PAST’s R&D units: HERCULES, CHAIA, IHC, CESEM, IHA, CRIA or LAB2PT.

The projects should contribute to the development of the scientific agendas of one or more of IN2PAST’s Thematic Lines and the Research Groups of the R&D Units of affiliation of the team members.

Project research teams must have a Principal Investigator and a Co-Principal Investigator, who must be integrated PhD researchers from one of IN2PAST’s research units: HERCULES Laboratory, CHAIA, IHC, CESEM, IHA, CRIA or Lab2PT. Teams will have between four and ten members, at least four of whom must be integrated PhD researchers from at least three of the research units that make up IN2PAST. The Principal Investigators will have to make sure that the team members fulfil all the FCT requirements for integrated researcher status.

The selection of proposals and the awarding of the respective funding will take into account the aforementioned objectives as stated in the Notice of the Call [PT], the evaluation criteria set out in the Call Regulation [PT] and the guidelines provided for preparing the Final Report [PT]. We strongly recommend reading all these Call Documents prior to drafting and submitting a proposal. We also recommend reading the Terms of Acceptance [PT].

Financial support for each project will be between €8,000 (eight thousand euros) and a maximum of €10,000 (ten thousand euros) (when duly justified), with between three and five projects expected to be supported in this call.

Applications must be submitted in Portuguese or English by 11:59 pm on May 31st, 2024 using the form available at, with the information mentioned in the full Notice of the Call.

The results will be announced by July 10th, 2024.

Once the results have been announced, the Principal Investigators have eight working days to contest them, after which the jury will meet again and the final results will be determined.