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from march 16th until June 25th

‘Amílcar Cabral, an Exhibition’ premieres in lisbon



04:00 - 08:00 pm

Palácio Baldaya, Lisbon

© Comissão Comemorativa 50 anos 25 de Abril

‘Amílcar Cabral, an Exhibition’, an initiative by the Comissão Comemorativa 50 anos 25 de Abril (Commemorative Commission for the 50th anniversary of ‘25 de Abril’), will be on display at Palácio Baldaya, in Benfica, Lisbon, between March 16th and June 25th. Entrance is free and the exhibit can be visited every day, from 9 am to 10 pm.

The official opening, March 16th at 4 pm, will feature interventions by José Neves, IN2PAST vice-president and scientific curator of the exhibition, the president of Junta de Freguesia de Benfica (local council), the Minister of Culture and the President of the Portuguese Republic.

The ceremony will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibition by the scientific curators José Neves and Leonor Pires Martins, IHC researcher. At 6 pm, visitors can take part in the round-table ‘Cabral ka mori’, with musician and activist Dino D’Santiago, historian Ângela Coutinho, the author of the biography ‘Amílcar Cabral (1924-1973)’, Julião Soares de Sousa, and researcher Alfredo Caldeira.

The exhibition about the founder of PAIGC – Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) takes place in the year of the 50th anniversary of his assassination (1973, Conakry), and tells the story of the revolutionary who, alongside his PAIGC comrades – contributed decisively to the end of the last European colonial empire. It shows objects and correspondence from Cabral, but also images, sounds and texts that others have dedicated to him.

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