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1st TRANSMAT-IN2PAST International Meeting

Documenting Non-European Collections

Two-day event at the National Museum of Ethnology



09:00 am - 06:30 pm

National Museum of Ethnology

Avenida Ilha da Madeira, 1400-203 Lisbon


€ 20

€ 5 (students)

‘Biography of objects and stories of multiple transits’ is the title of the keynote by Nélia Dias, president of IN2PAST’s Scientific Council, at the 1st TRANSMAT-IN2PAST International Meeting: ‘Documenting Non-European Collections’. The event, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, takes place at the National Museum of Ethnology, in Lisbon, on June 22nd and 23rd, 2023.

At the meeting, researchers, consultants, and grant holders of TRANSMAT-IN2PAST will share and discuss the results of this research project, which has the National Archaeology Museum and the Santos Rocha Municipal Museum as partner institutions. Other participants include representatives from the Lisbon Geography Society, the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, the Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Porto, the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon, and the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon.

Several Portuguese and foreign academics will also be present, such as Ana Rita Amaral (Utrecht University), Ariadana Ruiz (Univ. Málaga), Carlos Major (Provincial Museum of Namibe, Angola), Catarina Madruga (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin) and Joana Passos (Univ. Minho).

The 1st TRANSMAT-IN2PAST International Meeting will include a guided tour of the National Museum of Ethnology reserves.


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